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"How To Last 60 Minutes Or More In Bed (Worlds Top Porn Stars Show You How)..."

How You Too Can Use The Secrets Of the Top Adult Stars To Last All 60 Minutes Or More And Give Your Girl The Orgasm Of Her Life

Marcus London - Producer of 60 Minute Stamina

Dear Friend,

My name is Marcus London. You might recognize me from being an adult performer, as I've starred in over 350 films.

The reason I get booked so often is because of my amazing stamina – I'm one of the only guys in the business who can regularly perform with 3 or 4 girls in one day... or even in the same scene!

But what most people don't know about me is that up until my early 30's, I suffered from crippling premature ejaculation.

I'll never forget the embarrassing moments when I'd be hooking up with a girl for the first time... and practically SHAKING with fear when it was time to have sex...

Then that feeling – I HATED that feeling – you know the one...

“Is this REALLY happening again??”

And then the awkward moment afterwards – the look of disappointment on her face...

Most girls wouldn't say anything... but we both knew what had happened...

What hurt the most was when afterwards, she would make excuses for not wanting to get together again.

It hurt because I knew exactly why.

But that was a long time ago. Since then I've not only beat premature ejaculation... but figured out a secret that allows any guy to last 60 minutes or more... and give girls the most intense orgasms of their entire lives by doing it!

I'm gonna share this trick with you in a minute. But first, I need to share with you 5 secrets I discovered about sex and stamina during my journey from "2-pump chump” to now having been with over 1500 women...

secret # 1

Women NEED Penetration Orgasms!

You probably already know women NEED orgasms to be satisfied in bed... just like you do.

But what most guys don't know... is that in order for her to be TRULY satisfied... these orgasms need to come from PENETRATION.

I don't know about you... but when I first knew I had stamina problems, I figured I'd make up for it by getting really good at going down on girls.

It sounds good in theory, but there is actually one big problem:

A woman is GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED to want YOUR DICK inside of her!

Just like I'm sure you like BJs... you still want to fuck, right??

It's built into our human programming, and women are the same way.

Sure, oral feels good for them... but it's just not the same...

In fact, studies have shown the orgasms a woman receives from penetration are up to 80 times more powerful than those she has any other way!

And this Genetic Programming is the reason why.

And for women, it gets even deeper than that...

You see, when a woman has an orgasm from penetration sex, her brain releases a special chemical called, “oxytocin.

This chemical fills her ENTIRE BODY with intense waves of pleasure... and sends a signal to her brain that the guy who gives her that pleasure is the guy for her.

It's the reason why once you give a woman good, hard sex... she won't even look at another man.

But it isn't like you enter her and her brain just starts releasing this chemical and sending the “love signals”...

You gotta give it to her good!

And for a woman, “Good” means LONG.

Which brings me to the next secret...

secret 2

Most Men Suffer From
Premature Ejaculation!

In a recent national survey, women listed “bad in bed” as the Number One reason they will leave a man.

And the Number One reason WHY they said men were bad in bed?


No surprise there. Recent studies show 65% of men can't last more than 5 minutes in bed.

I'm guessing that 65% number is LOW... because I know when I suffered from this problem, the last thing I would do was admit it!

I wanted to keep it a secret. I was ashamed and worried my guy friends might find out.

Premature ejaculation – or “P.E.”, as they call it – is such a common problem that it's even become a cliché on tv and in movies...

Everyone knows the meaning of the phrase “2 Pump Chump”... and nearly all women have dated one...

So if you have trouble lasting in bed don't worry... you're not alone...

The upside to this is guys who FIX this problem gain a Huge Advantage over all  other men!

And fortunately, it doesn't very long to do it. It's just that most guys never learn how! But in a minute, I'm going to show you...

secret 4

 If You Don't Fix This Problem,
When She Meets You

We've all heard the #1 thing a woman looks for in a man is CONFIDENCE.

But what most guys don't think about is where this confidence comes from...

I used to think I could get confident by working out... or making a lot of money... or buying a new outfit or a nice car...

And yeah... those things helped a little bit... but what I didn't understand was this...

You can't have real confidence with a woman... unless you have SEXUAL CONFIDENCE!

It's the BACKBONE of everything else.

And it's the REAL thing women are looking for.

How did I figure this out?

Well, back in the days when I wasn't good in bed... I KNEW IT...

I knew I couldn't last as long as most guys, and that what I had wasn't what girls were looking for.

Of course, when I'd be talking to a girl, I'd try to play it off like I was the man...

… but in the back of my mind, I knew once we got in the bedroom, I might fail to perform.

And what I didn't realize back then... is women could sense that!

Just like bees and dogs can smell fear... when I'd meet a woman, she could feel my “Sexual Weakness.”

And she'd start to lose interest in me... often before we ever even hooked up!

At the time, I blamed the women.

I convinced myself that girls were all crazy, and only into “Assholes” and jerks.

I actually found myself ANGRY at women for not wanting to date a good guy like me.

It wasn't until I cured my P.E. that I realized what was going on... and that brings me to the next secret...

secret 5

Guys Who Have Stamina
Attract Women Like Crazy!

Have you ever heard the saying that a woman decides within 60 seconds of meeting a man whether or not she is going to sleep with him?

Well guess what?

It's 100% true.

And the reason why is this:

60 SECONDS is about the amount of time it takes for a woman to tell whether or not a man has Sexual Confidence!

And like I said before...

Sexual Confidence is what a woman REALLY looks for in a man!

Before I cured my P.E... I had a hard time attracting girls.

I'd meet a girl, I'd THINK things went well... but then she wouldn't return my phone call... or accept my offer for a date.

I couldn't understand why.

But then... after I fixed my problem... and started lasting as long as I wanted in bed... something magical began to happen...

When I'd meet a girl, she would start to hit on me!

When I'd ask a girl out, unless she had a serious boyfriend, she would nearly  always say yes!

And when I'd go out with the girl... she'd be all over me!

Why sudden change?

I was still the same guy.

I hadn't changed my look, and certainly hadn't learned any special “tricks” for getting women.

But what I had done was increased my stamina...

… and by doing so...

My Sexual Confidence
Went Through The Roof!

So now, when I'd meet a woman, instead of her sensing “sexual weakness”... she sensed I was a stud!

And she wanted to jump my bones!

I quickly started getting more dates with more hot women than I could handle... it was crazy... and a whole lot of fun!

So if you're not getting the women you deserve right now, this might be the reason.

I now know a LOT of other guys who have gotten just this one thing handled and started getting girls! It might be the same for you...

Lasting 60 Minutes In Bed Has Nothing To Do With
Youth, “Freak” Genetics, Or Any Special Talent...
Just Technique!

Now that I'm an adult film star, I often get guys asking me how I'm able to get hard and stay hard while doing such wild things with hot women...

They ask if I use Viagra... or numbing creams... or if I was born with some kind of freaky talent.

The answer is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

I'm 43 years old, so I assure you it has nothing to do with age either.

I read a wild story the other day I think says it best – check this out..


You know how they have those contests where they see who can eat the most hot dogs in the fastest amount of time?

They're pretty famous... I even saw it on the news this year!

Anyways, there's this guy from Japan named Kobayashi... and he ALWAYS wins.

He once ate 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes! Crazy eh?

The way I first heard about him was from a Chuck Norris joke...

“Chuck Norris once challenged world record holder Kobayashi to a 10 minute hot dog eating contest.

Kobayashi ate 68 hot dogs and buns.

Chuck Norris ate 112 hot dogs and buns, and one Kobayashi!”


So anyways... I was curious, and I google'd this Kobayashi guy...

I was expecting to see some huge sumo wrestler looking dude...

… but to my surprise... Kobayashi is nearly the size of a circus midget!

He's 5'8 inches tall... and only weighs 129 pounds!

So how the hell does he fit all of those hot dogs in his stomach??

I was curious so I looked around some more... and eventually found an interview with him...

In it, Kobayashi explained that it had nothing to do with his size... but with a special technique he had developed... and this technique allowed him to...

Eat more hot dogs
faster than anyone else
in the world!

The reporter got Kobayashi to teach him the technique, on the promise that he wouldn't print the actual technique in his article...

And then the reporter went and tried it with the cameras rolling.

They set the clock for 10 minutes... and the reporter started eating...

He got off to slow start... but before you knew it he was wolfing them down!

And by the time the 10 minutes were up, the reporter had eaten 19 and a half dogs!

Can you believe that?

The reporter didn't have any previous experience, or any special skills. The most hot dogs he had ever eaten before at one time was 3!

It was the TECHNIQUE that made all the difference.

And guess what?

The same holds true for controlling your stamina!

You just need to learn a few simple tricks – the same tricks we “pros” use to last through a long porn shoot – and you'll be able to get hard, stay hard, and LAST as long as you want!

No matter how hot the girl... how hard the sex... or what types of crazy things you are doing in bed.

I know... because I figured it out myself.

And now, I want to show you how.

The Dark and Embarassing Story of How I Personally Cured My P.E...

This is a hard story for me to share, because I did some things I'm not proud of. I'm only sharing it now, because I think it will help some of you to not make the same mistakes as I did.

Like most guys, my problem started in my teens – from the very first time I had sex

I didn't think much of it then – I figured it was something I'd grow out of – but before I knew it I was 29 years old and still not lasting more than minutes at best...

The one thing I did have going for me was that I worked on a cruise ship, so I met a lot of girls. And after I'd sleep with a girl, I wouldn't have to see her ever  again!

Shed go back home and I'd stay on the ship... and be on to the next girl.

The only bad thing about this though was I never had to face any real consequences for my premature ejaculation.

Since it never really affected my relations with women, I was able to ignore it.

But then one day, everything changed...

I was home on winter break, and I met a girl who was different than the rest...

Her name was Abi... she was absolutely stunning and a total sweetheart.

Our conversations went all night... and when I brought her out I was the envy of every man in the room.

Things went great for the first few weeks... she was a good girl, and didn't want to rush into sleeping together.

This was fine by me, as I was secretly very nervous about it.
We had so much fun together, and things were going so well. I worried that when we did get intimate, she'd discover my P.E. problem... and that would be the end of it.

Soon a month had passed, and I could tell she was ready to take the next step.

But now *I* was the one putting it off. The night would end and I'd tell her I was too tired to go back to her place... or I'd get really drunk so she'd think that was the reason why I didn't try to have sex with her.

But I knew I could only get away with this act for so long. Eventually I was going to have to do it.

Soon we'd been dating for 2 months... and I began to worry she knew something was up.

It was now or never.

So I did what I think any guy would do... I called her up, and told her to keep Saturday night open because I had a special night planned for us.

I got my Uncle to let me borrow his BMW for the night... and I picked her up and took her to a romantic restaurant in downtown London.

I had a bit more wine than I should, and I probably shouldn't have been driving. But I was so nervous I couldn't help it!

Dinner seemed to go by so fast. Before I knew it I had payed the bill, and we were driving back to my place.

I remember thinking to myself on the way home, “Please God... just this one time... let me do her proper. If this works out I'll do anything!”

We got back to my place and I lit a few candles, put on some music and we started going at it.

And soon, it was time.

It Was Now Or Never...

I put the condom on, and penetrated this beautiful girl for the first time.

And I blew my load in about 30 seconds.

I kept on thrusting, hoping she wouldn't notice... hoping I could stay hard for a bit longer!

But my erection was fading... then gone.

I pulled out and laid down next to her... I knew Abi had only been with a couple of guys before me... maybe they hadn't been able to last either?

I knew I had to man up and take control of the situation. I looked her in the eye and with a forced laugh I said, “Wow... I was worried about that baby... you are so beautiful... the most beautiful girl I've ever been with... I kinda knew I wouldn't  last very long with you the first time!”

Then... to my relief, she smiled! And turned to me said, “It's ok baby, I'm just happy being here with you.”

Phew! A wave of relief passed through my body – it was like a hundred kilograms had been lifted off of my shoulders!

Her being so understanding just reaffirmed my feeling that she was the right girl for me.

Best of all, here was a chance for me to REALLY get my P.E. problem handled! Unlike the rest of the girls, I knew I'd be sleeping with Abi a lot. I just needed a bit of practice with the same girl and soon I'd be lasting all night!

But My Worst Nightmare
Was Yet To Come...

Abi spent the night, and the next morning we got it on again.

And sure enough... I came just as quickly as the night before.

“Just give me some time baby”, I said. “I'm not used to being with someone so beautiful!”

And again she told me it was ok. We got up and got breakfast and all was forgotten.

But that night I lay awake in bed... too stressed out to sleep.

I knew that if I didn't cure my P.E. problem quickly, there was a chance I would lose this amazing girl.

I only had another 2 months before I was scheduled to go back on the ship... but I wasn't even sure she'd stick around that long!

I Needed
A Solution FAST!

This was back in the days before the internet was around... so I didn't really have anywhere to turn. I certainly wasn't gonna tell my mates.

I had remembered seeing a “numbing cream” the last time I'd bought rubbers... so I decided to give it a try.

I felt a little weird pulling it out during sex, so I snuck off and put it on in the bathroom.

It made me last longer than before, but still not long enough to make her cum.

Abi didn't seem to mind though. I should mention I was also going down on her beforehand and was giving her nice orgasms during foreplay!

Or so I thought.

Another month passed, and it was now December. Come January 15th it would be time for me to go back on the ship.

Abi and I had talked about this when we first started dating. I'd have a break every couple months, and on the in-between months she would come for a week and cruise along with me. So we'd spend at least a week together every month.

She had gone away to see her folks for the Christmas holiday, and was planning to come back so we could spend New Year's Eve together in London.

In the back of my mind I had wondered why she didn't invite me to meet her folks, but I was with my folks too so I didn't think much of it.

Until she came back into town.

I rang her that night and her flatmate answered (this was long before the days of mobile phones and texting!). I told her to have Abi call me when she got in.

A day passed, and no call.

I called again, and again her flatmate answered.

I told her I hadn't heard from Abi, and was starting to worry. She told me Abi was fine, and was just really busy with work.

I decided to go into her shop to pay her a visit. I knew she'd be happy to see me... before the holiday we'd exchanged Christmas gifts and spent a nice romantic night together... we were both gonna miss each other when she went away.

I picked up a small bouquet of flowers and went down to the shop.

But she wasn't there.

Her boss told me that she was still up with her parents in Cambridge.

Hmm. This didn't make any sense.

I decided to go to her place and ask her flatmate what was really going on.

I rang the bell and she answered... and her jaw dropped when she saw it was me!

“Oh, hey Marcus... what are you doing here?”

“Where's Abi?”, I said... trying to sound calm.

“She's at work.”

“I was just at her work and they said she hasn't been in since before the holiday!”

“Umm... well...”, her roommate stuttered, “you're gonna need to talk to Abi...”

“How can I talk to her if she's not here and not calling me??” I shouted.

I Couldn't Hide My Anger
Any Longer!

“Here, I'll give you the number at her folks house.”

“I already have it!”, I shouted as I threw the flowers on the ground and stormed off.

I ran straight to a pay phone and rang her parent's line.

Her mom answered, and as calmly as I could, I asked to speak to Abi.

“Who is this please?” her mom said.

“It's Marcus, her boyfriend.”

“Hi Marcus, Abi is busy right now, can I have her call you back?”

“I need to speak with her now please, it's important.”

“Ok, let me see if she's available.”

“Thank you.”

My heart was beating a hundred times a minute as I waited for Abi to pick up the line.

“Hello?”. She finally answered after what felt like an hour.

“Hey Abi, it's me.”


“So what's going on? I thought you were coming back Sunday. Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, I've just been helping my folks out with some things up here. Everything is fine.” she replied.

“Well then why did your flatmate lie and tell me you were back?”

“Umm, I'm not sure.”

“This isn't making sense,” I said. “Is something the matter?”

“Well, I've had some time to think about things. And while I was back up here I ran into to Geoff... and...”


Geoff was her ex-boyfriend. He was a star player of the school football team, and lived up in Cambridge near her folks.

The reason Abi had originally moved to London was because Geoff cheated on her with another girl.

A lot went down after that phone call... I'll save you the story, because some of the things I did were quite embarrassing now that I look back.

In short, Abi decided to was gonna give Geoff a second chance, and get back together with him.

I asked her time and time again why I wasn't good enough for her... why she needed to get back with that cheater.

And finally – after a lot of prodding – she told me something I secretly already feared:

That she had never felt the same chemistry in the bedroom with me that she had with Geoff.

I knew exactly why.

That night I went for a long walk... and during that walk I broke down, and cried my eyes out.

My premature ejaculation had cost me the love of my life.

But what I didn't realize at the time is that the tragedy I suffered when I lost Abi would end up changing the rest of my life... forever...

How I Finally Cured My
Premature Ejaculation,

It took me a couple of days to get my bearings back. Once I did, I realized I had 2 options:

…. Dwell in my misery, and let her be correct in leaving me...

… or use it as a driving force to TAKE ACTION... and prove to Abi – but mostly to MYSELF – that she was WRONG about me.

I decided that night that I was going to cure my premature ejaculation, and that I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to do it.

I came up with a 30-day game plan. It went something like this:

  • Week # 1: Practice lasting alone at least once per day

  • Week # 2: Practice lasting alone twice per day while watching the hottest videos possible

  • Week # 3: Practice alone with videos in the morning, then with at least 3 different girls (even if I had to pay them)

  • Week # 4: Repeat Week # 3 but don't use rubbers with the girls

If this didn't work, I would do the same the next month until I figured it out.

I decided to start right away.

The first week was pretty standard. I never had problems lasting while I was on my own – but I wondered if there were some physical tricks I could use to stop myself from ejaculating that would OVER-RIDE the mental problem I had when I was with a real live woman...

So as I did my “practicing” in Week # 1... I paid close attention to the sensations I was feeling leading up to my orgasm... what muscles were used... how to control them... and how to time what I was doing to HALT the orgasm process... before it was too late...

It's amazing how much you can learn about your body when you just pay attention! We are so used to doing everything on auto-pilot we forget how many different operations it takes to do a simple thing.

For example, did you know that it takes 70 different muscles to jump?

Other operations are much simpler. You may have heard the saying that it only takes one muscle to smile, but 12 to frown.

There aren't THAT many muscles used in ejaculation either... and I was excited to discover they are fairly easy to control. It's just that most guys never learn how.

By the end of Week # 1 I had gained awareness of my body, and new confidence that I could beat this.

Now It Was Time To
“Go The Distance”...

I don't know about you... but I'd fallen into a little pattern while choking my chain that I think most guys will relate to...

Basically I'd blow my load in about 2 minutes and not even care.

And why should I? No point in lasting when you're by your lonesome...

But I knew I needed to change this up... to TRAIN MYSELF for when I was with a woman.

So for Week # 2 of my training, I forced myself to go 10, then 20, then 30 minutes solo... with a FULL ERECTION before I allowed myself to climax.

It wasn't that hard... I just hadn't ever done it before.

So by the end of Week # 2 I was feeling much more confident! But Week # 3 would be the REAL test...

I Was Lasting “Solo”...
But Could I Last With
A Real Woman?

Before I knew it it Week # 3 was upon me. It was time.

I could now last by myself for 45 minutes at a time, no problem.

I figured if I could last HALF as long when I was with a real woman, I'd be gold.

Since I was newly single I didn't have any women I could ring up for a shag. So I was forced to go with “pros.”

Fine by me though... less pressure to perform!

So I went down to the cabaret where I met a gorgeous blonde... her rock-hard body told me she wasn't a day over 21...

On one hand, this made me nervous. But on the upside, it would be a true test!

So I gave it a go... sneaking a glance at my watch before the fun began.

And surprisingly... I shagged her a good 9 minutes my first time out of the gate!

I knew I needed to last longer than that... but this was a HUGE breakthrough for me.

It was the longest I'd ever lasted with a woman before.

My training was paying off, and as I headed back the next night to find another girl I was feeling more confident than ever before...

The next girl was a bit older... it would be a BREEZE to last even longer with her!

But sadly, I blew it in just 5 minutes time.

“Here babe stick around for a bit.” I handed her some more money. “I'd like to give another go in a bit since I came all the way down here...”

I went into the next round with intense focus. I remembered what I had discovered about my body in my solo sessions... and focused so intently I nearly forget I was with a real woman!

But wouldn't ya know it... I lasted 12 whole minutes before my little fella took over!

The next few nights were more of the same. I was excited to discover I could improve my stamina every time... just by using a few new tricks I'd discovered!

(Tricks I'm going to share with you soon).

But there was still a problem...

I wasn't ENJOYING the sex.

I was so focused on lasting that I wasn't getting any pleasure out of it!

So going into Week # 4, I came up with a new goal...

 Last All Night While Having
The Most INCREDIBLE SEX Possible!

To make a long story short, it took me a whole 'nother month of practicing by myself and with girls before I figured out how to both last and enjoy it.

But soon I could go for 30 minutes at a time... then 40! All the while with a rock-solid erection... and even though I was with “working girls”... they were genuinely loving it!

One girl even started meeting up with me during off-hours ;)

By this time I'd been meeting some girls on my own... so I soon got to test out my new skills when it actually counted...

And mate... I can't even begin to tell you what it feels like to go from not being able to last to making a girl SCREAM and cum all over your cock!

There's just something primal about giving a woman a shagging that leaves her walking crooked the next day.

It makes you feel like A MAN. And it feels really damn good.

I want you to experience this as well. It's easier than you think... and that's just the beginning of the fun...

Remember earlier when we talked about how guys with stamina get women like crazy??

Well now... even though nothing else about me had changed...

Girls Just Couldn't
Say No To Me!

It was around this time when I figured out what Sexual Confidence was – and FAST.

Now that I could make a girl feel like a woman in the bedroom... it was like they could sense it...

I'd be at a bar with my mates and we'd meet a new group of girls... and without even trying... I'd become the center of attention!

My mates would just stand there in frustration as I'd take home the hottest girl in the bar... leaving them to fight over the scraps...

Sometimes cute girls would even approach me out of the blue.

I wasn't doing anything different... but there was a huge difference in my attitude...

Now that I knew I could perform... I walked around like I was packing 10 inches. And boy did the girls notice. It was like I was a movie star!

All because I'd fixed just this one problem. I had NO IDEA just how much my P.E. was holding me back until it was gone!

Within just a few weeks...

I Was Having More Sex
Than I EVER Thought Possible!

Now that I lasted a respectable amount of time with a girl, things became very different...

Being with a new girl no longer meant I'd be too embarrassed to see her again... it now meant a new sex partner!

Before I knew it I was juggling a stable of hotties that would make Hefner jealous ;)

I'd call up a different girl every night of the week... and rock her world like I never could before!

But that was just the start. It wasn't long before...

Girls Started
Asking Me For Sex!

I'll never forget the first time it happened...

By this time I was back on the ship... and as usual, my mates and I were having the time of our lives with a new crop of tourist girls every week.

I'd shagged a lovely Swiss girl the first night out of the port... she was there with  a bachelorette party and nearly all of them were winners...

The next afternoon I was tending my bar when a DIFFERENT one of the girls popped in and grabbed a stool by herself... already tipsy at 5 in the afternoon!

We started chatting and not 2 minutes into it... she tells me she heard I was a stud in the bedroom... and that she's not sure if she believes it...

I give her a sly smile and say,

“Well then it doesn't matter what I say to that... because you might not believe me either. Unless of course I showed you... but I'm not sure if you want that...”

“Try me.”

“My break is at 7.”

And sure enough, at 7pm she was back and waiting for me! We went straight to my cabin and gave it a go!

I couldn't believe it. It was the easiest lay of my life!

And then this started happening regularly...

Not every night... but at least once a month there'd be a girl who heard of my “talents” and wanted to find out for herself!

You see, now that I was able to do it proper... I'd began experimenting with all types of crazy things – new positions, angles, and rhythms – I soon had a step-by-step “sex sequence” that made just about any girl cream the bedsheets like she never had before! (I'm gonna share this one with you as well)

But despite my new “dream” sex life...

One Thing Still
Made Me Miserable!

After the tourist girls would fall asleep in my bed, I'd lay awake and think of Abi...

If only I had conquered my P.E. before I met her... things would be different...

We'd probably still be together... and very much in love.

But she was long gone now. Moved back home and in with Geoff. I suppose I could show up there, but what good would that do?

I had to show her somehow – ah the young, dumb ego of a man scorned!

But how could I show her without sleeping with her?

And then it hit me...

I Would Become One Of
The Biggest Male Adult Stars
In The World!

That was it! If I was gonna prove everyone wrong... what better way then to be become the OPPOSITE of a premature ejaculator... a male adult film star!

No one would ever again call me a “dud” in the bedroom... that was for certain!

I wasn't sure if Abi would ever see any of my movies... but surely she'd hear about how her old friend Markus was getting paid to perform on camera!

Besides, getting paid to get laid sounded like a dream to me!

So a few months later I set off to California... and the rest is, well, history...

That was 15 years ago... and I've now appeared in over 350 adult films. I'm known throughout the biz for my ability to get hard, stay hard, and last till the sun goes down.

It's been crazy ride going from “2 pump chump” to where I am today... and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

But a few months ago I received an email that – little did I know at the time – would change my life again...

How One Email From A Fan
Changed Everything...

So a few years back my agent calls me and says, “Marcus, you need to get a Myspace account so you can connect with your fans.”

“What the hell is that?”

Long story short I put up a profile on this “Myspace” social network, and I started getting emails from fans all over the world!

But then one day I got an email that rattled me...

It was from a kid who was 26 years old, and having trouble with his stamina.

He was wondering if I REALLY lasted as long as I did in the movies – or was it just editing – and asked if I had any tips on how to do it.

He included his phone number, so I picked up the tele and gave him a call.

Boy was he surprised to hear from me!

I told the kid to grab a pen and paper, and for the next 30 minutes I gave him the ins and outs of killer stamina... both tricks to last longer immediately, and a practice routine to get him up to “porn star status.”

I told him to get to work and then email me in a week or two and tell me how he was doing. I knew the stuff worked for me... but would it work for this kid?

“I Lasted 34 Minutes My First Time!”

Sure enough, the next week I got a letter from the kid telling me how he lasted 34 freakin' minutes with his girl the very first time he tried my techniques! And he hadn't even started the training!

This was AWESOME to hear! I wrote him back and told him to get on the training program – explaining how it usually takes at least 20 minutes to give a woman a Penetration Orgasm – and how he really should get up to 45 minutes.

Well it didn't take him long. Within just 2 weeks of getting my techniques and doing the trainings, he was lasting as long as he wanted!

And just like it had happened with me... women were all over him like bees to honey!

It really is incredible how women pick up on Sexual Confidence... it doesn't do it justice explaining it – you need to experience it for yourself.

Whatever. So soon my agent had me get profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and I started getting more and more emails.

I couldn't believe how many of them were asking me about my stamina secrets!

At first I helped them out, one by one. Here's just a few of the messages they shared with me:

facebook message

And check out this one from Ray in Tennessee...

email for Ray


But soon it got to be so many that I didn't have time to talk to each guy personally...

I felt for these guys though. I suffered from P.E. myself for a loooooong time. I know what it feels like... the embarrassing moments, the lack of confidence. It ROBS you of the great sex life you deserve as a man...

Which is sad... because it's actually EASY to cure!

It's just that most guys don't know how.

I was talking to a friend about this... and he gave me an idea...

Why not record my techniques and put them together into course that any guy can use to cure his premature ejaculation... and start lasting like a porn star??

So that's exactly what I did!


“60 Minute Stamina”

Advanced Seminar Program

I've spent the last few months creating the first video program to ever reveal the secrets we adult stars use to get hard, stay hard... and last long enough to give a woman body-shaking, pillow-biting orgasms!

Because this program is designed to show any guy how to last 60 minutes or more in bed, I decided to call it, “60 Minute Stamina.”

In it I'll show you how I cured my premature ejaculation... and you can cure yours quickly – the very next time you have sex – using a special training method.

And that's just the start.

Because you can never have too many weapons in your arsenal for pleasing women, I convinced a few of my fellow adult stars to share their techniques in this program as well... like...


Porn Legend Peter North!

Peter is one of the top performers in the HISTORY of adult film... having been in 3,000 films himself!

Guys look up to him for his ability to not only last... but blow HUGE, animalistic loads!

I never thought a guy like Peter would be willing to share his secrets... after all... the man has seen and done it all!

But when I told him about the program, he got really excited!

You see, Peter is now 55 years old... and still performs like a 20 year-old!

He refuses to take Viagra, as he doesn't want to risk any side-effects... but mainly because he doesn't need it.

He told me how lately he'd been getting a lot of letters from older guys asking how they could perform like him... and how he wanted to help them but didn't have time to answer each one.

“Well share your secrets in my new program Peter!”, I said... not expecting much.

But to my surprise... he said YES!

And the footage we captured was UNREAL.

The secrets Peter shares in 60 Minute Stamina are gonna change the lives of a lot of men... both young and old alike!

You don't become one of the top dogs in the adult industry unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing... and listening to Peter talk about performance and stamina is like listening to Warren Buffet talk about investing money... the man knows his stuff.

Oh, and get this...

Peter wasn't a “natural” at this either. He worked very hard to figure all of this stuff out.

He confessed to me that if someone had asked him to share his secrets 10 years ago he would have said NO WAY! As he wouldn't have wanted to create competition for himself. But now Peter is close to retiring, and sees 60 Minute Stamina as a part of his legacy...

So if you're looking to be able to perform like Peter... you're in luck!

Oh, and you'll also get his secret for blowing MASSIVE, firehose-sized loads! (it's much easier than you think – just a simple diet trick the “day off”!)

And Then...
Things Got Even CRAZIER!

As soon as word spread that Peter North was on board with 60 Minute Stamina... other stars starting calling me wanting to be in the program!

But there was one guy I just had to call myself...

And that was my good friend Ron Jeremy!

Ron Jeremy

The KING of the biz!

I figured that for this to be the ULTIMATE COURSE for guys on how to get amazing stamina... we had to have the guy who started it all...

This is like having Michael Jordan give you a basketball lesson... or Michael Phelps himself show you how to swim!

The secrets Ron shares in 60 Minute Stamina are nothing short of MIND-BLOWING... and you're gonna blow your girl's mind the very first night you put them to use...

You'll Also Hear From
Super Stud Nick Manning

One of the guys who called me up wanting to be in the program was Nick Manning...

Nick has appeared in over 500 films... which is amazing considering he also used to have trouble lasting longer than 5 minutes when he was with a woman!

But since then he's “cracked the code” to lasting long enough to make any girl beg for more...

You see, the reason I wanted Nick to be in this program, is because he's the guy most of the top female adult stars want to do when the cameras are OFF...

In 60 Minute Stamina Nick shares not only his stamina secrets... but his tricks for giving a girl outrageous orgasms during foreplay (that way there is not as much pressure on you during sex... so you relax more and last longer)

Get excited... because after watching Nick's session you'll have the skills to give your girl the most INTENSE orgasms she has ever experienced with a man.

** Just Added **
2011 AVN Male Performer Of The Year
Evan Stone!

Evan Stone

This program wouldn't be complete without the BIGGEST male star in adult film today... my friend and 2011 Male Performer Of The Year Evan Stone!

Evan is known in the business for his uncanny ability to get hard rock-hard erection whenever he wants... and as often as he wants! And he does it without the use of pills or any special supplements... it's all him!

In 60 Minute Stamina, Evan is gonna show you his “Mental Viagra” secret that allows you to get hard INSTANTLY... and pound your girl all night!

Best of all, you'll see him demonstrate his techniques with the beautiful Rebecca Linares... you'll look over his shoulder as he shows you exactly how to get hard quickly, then last as long as you want no matter what the position... as you pump your girl into one screaming climax after another!

Evan didn't become the top star in the industry today without knowing a thing or two about cock control... and now for the first time ever... you're gonna get all of his secrets so you become the performer of your girl's life!

If They Can Do It...
So Can You!

A lot of guys think that just because they don't naturally last a long time with a woman... that they'll never be able to.

They think they are “too old”, or don't have the right “equipment”, or have a mental issue that prevents them from ever getting it handled.

Well that is totally FALSE!

The truth is... almost NOBODY has great stamina when they first start having sex!

That holds true for Ron Jeremy, Peter North... ALL OF US.

We weren't born with any kind of special talents. We just figured out the secrets to stamina on our own... then used them to make a living!

You've probably heard of John Holmes – the guy the movie “Boogie Nights” was made about – who was “chosen” by the porn industry because he was ENORMOUS down there...

Well NONE of us are like that.

We're just regular guys who figured out a few secrets most men don't know.

Heck, it doesn't get more “average” than Ron. Ha!

Besides... a big penis is USELESS if you can't last!  I don't care how big your dick is... and neither does your girl if you can't use it for at least 20 minutes to rock her world.

And now, for the first time, you can get the secrets to lasting not just 20 minutes... but 60 minutes or more from us guys who know best!

A Step-By-Step System
To Ultimate Cock Control

Now I want to reveal to you exactly what's in the 60 Minute Stamina program... and how it's going to revolutionize your sex life...


The 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars

We start with the 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars. In these 4 seminar videos, you'll gonna hear from famous male porn stars Marcus London, Peter North, Nick Manning... and the legend himself, Ron Jeremy!

Get ready to take some notes... because you'll gonna get ALL of their secrets for lasting as long as YOU want to in bed... and long enough to give your woman more orgasms than any other guy ever has before.

60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos

Next up is where you're gonna put what you just learned to USE... with the 60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos... featuring the sexy Rebecca Linares and Jennifer Dark!

Rebbeca and jenifer

These videos are gonna guide you through a stamina-building exercise... yes, you're gonna do a little “self lovin” to practice.

That way you're guaranteed to get these techniques down QUICKLY... so you'll last longer the very NEXT time you are with a woman.

Not 3 months from now. Not after you “2-pump chump” her 3 more times. NEXT TIME!

This self-practicing technique FORCES you to develop stamina each time you do it... you'll add literally 5-10 minutes to your stamina every time you go through one of these training sessions.


I'm going to tell you straight up mate... if you're not willing to put in the time, this isn't going to work for you.

Sure, you're gonna learn some easy tricks in this program to last 60 minutes in bed... and those don't require much practice.

… but if you want LAST-ALL-NIGHT STAMINA... you have to do the training sessions to get it.

But don't worry – it's fun – and you'll be staring at my smoking hot girls while you do it.

I created these Stamina Trainers to make it easy for you to increase you stamina.
The sessions together are just about 20 minutes long. That's because they are designed to get you to lasting 20 minutes in bed.

Once you are consistently able to last 20 minutes – and with these techniques it's simple – you'll then do the sessions on repeat until you are lasting the full 60 minutes.

Once you can do that, YOU WILL LAST 60 MINUTES WITH YOUR GIRL.
That's all there is to it.


60 Minute Stamina In Action

Next up, you're gonna get to see us demonstrate our techniques LIVE.

In 60 Minute Stamina In Action, we're gonna SHOW YOU how to apply the stamina you get in the training sessions when you are actually in bed with a woman – by doing it ourselves, live on camera.

You'll learn the positions to start with that ensure you last... little tricks to boost your stamina when it's tough to avoid busting... and the secrets to lasting even LONGER than 60 minutes – all while giving your girl intense, full-body orgasms...

This part of the program isn't just about stamina... but about being the BEST lover your girl has ever hard. After going through it just once you're going to have a world-class education on the best positions to use with a woman, techniques to make her cum faster and harder, how to give her “multiples”, how to make your cock feel MASSIVE inside of her no matter what your size... and DOZENS of other secrets to blow her mind in the sack... all while lasting as long as YOU want.

It really is easy mate. You just need to know the tricks. And in this program my friends and I are gonna show you ALL OF THEM.

The Instant Stamina Cure

In this short video, my friend Bobby, is gonna show you the technique he discovered to cure his own stamina problem.

Bobby is no porn star – he's just a regular guy with a KILLER technique that I had to have in here. You can learn it in less than 3 minutes... and it's guaranteed to add at least 10 minutes to your stamina the very first time you try it! If you have a hot date tonight... this is a MUST SEE.

All of the videos have been set up for INSTANT VIEWING on your computer... you can get started and be watching them in our private Member's Area in just minutes from now.

Get 2 Special Bonuses
When You Act Now!

To sweeten up the deal for you... the guys and I have put together 2 special bonuses that are gonna knock your socks off... and take your stamina skills through the roof!


Bonus #1: Evan Stone's Stamina Workout

In this killer bonus program, you're gonna learn the special exercises 2011 AVN Male Performer Of The Year Evan Stone used to skyrocket himself to the very top of the adult industry!

This special set of exercises is designed to generate blood flow throughout your legs, hips, thighs, and of course your manhood... enabling you to get SOLID STEEL erections on command. They are easy to do and don't require any extra time at the gym. Just throw them in your routine and forget about it... and you'll find yourself getting bigger, thicker, and harder erections than ever before!

So Let's Wrap This Up...

You Get:

Advanced Seminar Program The 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars RETAIL VALUE $199.95
60 Minute Stamina In Action RETAIL VALUE $199.95
60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos RETAIL VALUE $99.95
The Instant Stamina Cure RETAIL VALUE $89.95
Workout Bonus #1: Evan Stone's Stamina Workout RETAIL VALUE $89.95
TOTAL VALUE: $615.70


The total retail value of the 60 Minute Stamina package is $615.70

But You're Not Gonna Pay That Much...

So since I've been in your shoes, I want to help you get this handled. And I'm not gonna charge you and arm and a leg to do it.

So you're not gonna pay $714.80...

You're not even gonna pay $500... or $250...

As part of this special test offer, I've decided to price 60 Minute Stamina at just 67 dollars.

That's Right, Act Now
And You Pay
Just $67.00!


You're getting ALL of our hard-earned secrets – our life's work, really – for less than the cost of one date!

All I ask is that you do me one favor:

After you go through the program and are having the type of sex life most guys would kill for... drop me a line, and let me know how well it's working for you.

Nothing makes me happier than to hear from guys who have used my stamina secrets to change their lives, and I want YOU to be next!

Oh, There Is ONE Catch...

Like I said before, the “catch” is that we are making 60 Minute Stamina available to just 300 men.

After that, I'm gonna pull this webpage and stop taking sign-ups, and you will never see this opportunity again.

So with that in mind, let me ask you... man to man...

If I could guarantee you... without a shadow of a doubt... that the information in this program will have you lasting 60 minutes or more in bed... would you give it a try?

If so, I'd like to ask you to give 60 Minute Stamina a shot.

Sign up, go through the videos, and USE the techniques...

If you don't find yourself lasting AT LEAST 60 minutes or more and giving women the most intense orgasms of their lives, just drop me a line within 30 days, and I'll refund 100% of your money!

Heck, I'll even refund it if you don't like the program. If you get in there and start watching it and it's not jiving with you, no prob.

Full money back guarantee

I'm making you a 100% Full Money Back Guarantee on this because I know 2 things:

  1. The secrets in 60 Minute Stamina are gonna work for YOU... just like they have for me and so many other men.

  2. Once you get the program and use the techniques, your life is going to change... 

A whole new world of opportunity and hot sex with hot women is going to be yours. Any nervousness you felt before becomes a thing of the past... you'll radiate sexual confidence inside and outside the bedroom... and once it's time to sleep with a woman... watch out!

You're gonna rock her world like no guy ever has before

I want you to join me, and the 1% of all men who can really blow a woman's mind in the sack.

And since you're one of the first guys to get this opportunity... I'm going to do something else to TOTALLY GUARANTEE your success...

I've decided that for the first 10 guys who get 60 Minute Stamina... I'm gonna give you 30 days of personal, follow-up email coaching.

If you have any problems, or just want some tips on how to last even longer than 60 minutes... you're gonna have my personal email address. Drop me a line and I'll write you back and help you out.

Of course, I can only make this offer to the first 10 guys who get the program. Otherwise I'd be getting too many emails and I want to be able to help everyone out.

If you're seeing this, there is still time to be one of the first 10!

After the spots fill up – and they will fill up fast – I won't be able to make this offer any more, so it's critical that you ACT NOW.

So Here's How It Works...

When you click the button below, it will take you to my secure order page, where you enter your credit card information.

Everything is protected using the highest caliber SSL Encrypted technology – your information is completely secure.

After you place your order, you'll be taken directly to the special private Member's Area I've set up for you... and you can start 60 Minute Stamina immediately!

All of the videos are in there, along with the Bonus Videos.

I've layed everything out so it's very simple – start with Video #1 and go on from there.

After going through the program JUST ONCE you'll find your confidence surging... you'll feel like a rock star ready to lay some serious pipe!

And as you continue to do the trainings... your stamina will continue to increase.

But like I said... if for ANY REASON you don't find it working for you... or you don't like the program, just drop me a line within the first 30 days. I'll process an instant refund for you, no questions asked.

You can even KEEP the Bonus Videos for giving it a far try.

I'm that confident 60 Minute Stamina is going to work for you... and I'm putting my money where my mouth is to prove it.

But it's up to you to take the next step.

Click on the button below, and give 60 Minute Stamina a try.

You have literally nothing to lose!

But a lifetime of sexual power and excitement in the bedroom to gain.

Click the button now, and let's get started!


Marcus London

marcus sig

P.S. I put together 60 Minute Stamina for one reason – to show YOU how to last long enough in bed to give your girl mind-blowing, body-pulsating orgasms! You'll find yourself lasting like a porn star after going through the program just once... any nervousness you used to feel with a woman is replaced with ROCK-SOLID Sexual Confidence as you KNOW you can rock her world like no other guy can! The stars of 60 Minute Stamina have the best techniques ever created for getting hard, staying hard... and our techniques are 100% GUARANTEED to work for you! So click on the link below and get 60 Minute Stamina today... when your girl is clawing up your back and screaming your name you'll be happy you did!

Order Instantly Now

I'm living proof that it can be cured, and cured easily and quickly.

And I can do it in any position... with every girl I'm with! And these days, they always come back for more :)

This didn't happen overnight for me – it took me about 2 months of practice before I had cured my problem for good.

But now that I have, I've figured out an amazing “shortcut” method that's helped other guys cure it FAST!

I can teach you the secret in in just a few minutes... and then after about 30 minutes of “practice”, you'll be able to last 10-20 minutes longer than you can now.

Once you can last 20 minutes, it's not that hard to get up to 60 minutes – the amount of time it takes to give a woman an intense, full-body orgasm that almost no other guy can!

I've now helped about a dozen guys beat this problem... so I know I can help you do the same.

You'll then get the secrets of my fellow adult film stars who show you how to go from having ordinary stamina to extraordinary – to where you are lasting 60 minutes or more!

Several of the guys I've shared this program with are lasting 80 or 90 minutes!

For Questions call or email at:


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